Pregnancy and Parenting support

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The Women’s Health Center of West Virginia’s Parent Program provides case management services to high-risk, Medicaid-insured pregnant women and infants.

The goals of the Parent Program are improved health outcomes for pregnant women and their infants; reduction in the incidence of child abuse and neglect; and increased family stability and self-sufficiency through education and promotion of client self-direction.

The WHC Parent Program is staffed by licensed social workers who visit clients in their homes and assist them with education on topics including self-care during pregnancy, breast feeding, infant development and care, oral health, child safety, nutrition, parenting and birth control.

Case managers also assist clients with problem-solving of issues related to housing, transportation, emergency assistance and identification of educational or vocational resources.

The Parent Program’s Right From the Start Program, sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Health, provides services to Medicaid-eligible women and their infants. Clients enter the program through self-referral or upon the referral of their obstetrician or pediatrician.