Every week, anti-abortion picketers stand outside our clinic, harassing our patients, our employees, and our volunteers. They use triggering language, graphic images, and loud voices to try to coerce our patients to not seek care, intimidate our staff and volunteers, disrupt our services, and spread lies about the work we do. These picketers have felt empowered by the current political climate, but we will not let them stop us from providing the full range of reproductive health care.

You can Pledge-A-Picketer to support our patients and send a message to the picketers that their aggressive behavior will not be tolerated! When you pledge, you turn their presence into financial support for WHC. We will also publicize the funds raised so the picketers can see exactly how much money they are raising to support our work every single day.

How does it work?

  1. You pick a pledge. Decide how much money per picketer you’d like to give to WHC.

  2. We do the counting. Every day, WHC will count the picketers outside our clinic.

  3. We do the math. Once the month is over, we will calculate how much money your pledged amount raised.

  4. You get an invoice. We will email you by the 5th of the next month how much your total gift is and a link to give.

  5. You give your gift. This gift will show the picketers that we will always be here to provide safe abortion care to West Virginians no matter what they do.

Choose the amount of money you wish to pledge per picketer. This amount will multiplied by the amount of picketers we have for the month. At the beginning of the next month, you will receive this total and a link to give your gift. For example, if you decide to pledge $0.20 per picketer, and we have 100 picketers, your gift will be $20 for that month. You can cap your gift at a certain amount and your monthly gift will never exceed that amount.