Gynecological Care

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Well Woman Gynecological Care

Women’s Health Center of West Virginia (WHC) provides a wide range of gynecological services including birth control counseling and supplies, routine breast and pelvic examinations, pap smears, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, counseling and treatment for menopausal symptoms, fertility counseling, ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, colposcopy screening and emergency contraception.

Free and sliding fee gynecological care is also available to eligible women through agreements with the West Virginia Family Planning and Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening programs.

Gynecological care is provided by our skilled staff of nurse-practitioners who assist patients to explore their reproductive health options and to select the method most compatible with the patient’s medical needs and lifestyle.

Click here for information on birth control methods and their effectiveness.

Family Planning Program Services

The Family Planning Program, sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Health, is available to women who are either interested in a method of birth control or seeking pregnancy. Family Planning Program participants receive their routine examinations and birth control supplies free or on a sliding fee basis. The program also provides diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and emergency contraception. In addition, sterilization services are also available as funding permits.

Patients under age 18 may receive confidential services without parental consent or notification.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program offers gynecological screening services to women who do not need a method of birth control and who are typically beyond their childbearing years. Routine annual cervical and breast screenings are provided in a preventive effort to identify precancerous conditions. Patients receive education and counseling on cancer risks and general health, self-breast examination and referral for mammography and other diagnostic or screening services indicated upon examination.

Colposcopy Services

Colposcopy services are available to patients with abnormal pap smear findings that indicate a need for further diagnostic screening or biopsy. Eligible patients may receive this screening on a sliding fee basis through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Pregnancy options counseling is offered to women who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy and who want to explore their options. In the counseling session, a counselor provides the client with information on the options of parenting, adoption and abortion. In the pregnancy options counseling session the client is assisted to explore her feelings, identify her personal options, and understand the meaning of her choices. The counselor confers with the client to answer her questions and to offer appropriate referrals.

Reproductive Health Outreach Education Program

Consistent with our emphasis on reproductive health education, Women’s Health Center of West Virginia offers schools, colleges and community groups a lecturer with accurate, up-to-date information on reproductive health education. These sessions are staffed by a WHC health professional and provided free of charge as a community service.